Witzenberg Range Nursery

Bokkeveld Nursery and Redhill Superplant Nursery have been producing quality certified deciduous fruit trees in the Witzenberg Valley for the past 30 years.

The trees requiring high chilling are grown in the Witzenberg valley as it lies in an isolated area, has plenty of virgin soil, experiences the coldest winter temperatures and is blessed with

prime mountain water. Witzenberg Range Nursery provides customers with technical backup and up-to-date information on all varieties and rootstocks supplied. Our aim is to supply the producers with trees of the highest quality and the widest range of rootstocks available, using certified Topfruit and SAPO bud wood. Witzenberg Range Nursery is one of only two nurseries that have exclusive access to some of Topfruit varieties. All our trees are lifted with care,

graded and certified by the Plant Improvement inspectors before despatch.
Our focus is on the continual improvement of nursery production systems using the most up-to-date scientific methodology available.